Sleeping Bear Press ISBN 978-1-5853-6412-1 (hardcover) ebook edition

Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN 978-1-5853-6412-1 (hardcover)
ebook edition

The First Men Who Went to the Moon 

Illustrated by Scott Brundage

Just in time for Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary!
(I have a new presentation specifically about space and Apollo 11.
School Visits.)

March 2019 - The book landed on the Michigan Best Sellers list.

Sunday, July 21, I’ll be presenting at the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
in Wapakoneta, OH.

These are the first men who went to the Moon.

This is the spacecraft, Apollo 11,
that lifted off and soared through the heavens
and carried the first men who went to the Moon. …


“…Greene takes Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins from liftoff to post-splashdown ticker-tape parade. …a visually effective…addition to the rapidly growing shelf of tributes to our space program’s high-water mark.”

“…Greene and Brundage provide social and historical context for the mission, while the naturalistic images capture the awe-inspiring magnitude of the moon landing.”
Publishers Weekly

“…Greene explores a poetic journey to the moon and back with the men of Apollo 11… A good addition for the growing shelf of Apollo 11 titles.”
School Library Journal

Using verse, facts and stunning watercolor paintings, these collaborators (Greene and Brundage) recreate all the wonder of this monumental event.”
Margie Myers-Culver, Librarian

“…(Greene) acquaints her audience with each aspect of the Apollo 11 mission, and ties them together at the end. The factual bullets further explain…more about the mission, adding appeal for older readers…(Brundage’s) illustrations bring this momentous event to life.”
The Science Nook

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