School Visits


I used to be an elementary teacher. I love interacting with students! My master’s is in Educational Media, and my favorite topic to talk about is children’s books! (Plus, good writing!)


NEW program
(For regular school visit presentations, see orange heading below)

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic Moon landing. I have a presentation based on my new book- The First Men Who Went To The Moon. It’s great for STEM, or STEAM, curriculum and for A Universe of Stories theme at libraries this summer!

The ‘Moon’ powerpoint presentation includes—

  • a detailed photographic journey of Apollo 11’s trip to the Moon and back

  • fun facts about Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins

  • animal astronauts- Ham (chimp), Laika (dog)

  • first women, African-American, Asian, etc. astronauts

  • NASA’s requirements to become an astronaut

  • Where next - Mars?

  • great books for kids about the Apollo 11 mission

  • how I got the idea; research and revising; and more!

    “I’ve been teaching for 23 years and have heard LOTS of author presentations, but this was the BEST ONE I have ever heard!”
    5th grade teacher, Meadowbrook Elem., Walled Lake, MI

    Good News! In March 2019, the book landed on the Michigan Best Sellers list.


For grades K/1st to 8th…  (for prek-k, see middle of page)

In my powerpoint presentations, I include the following, but get more and more detailed the older the students.

All presentations are dynamic and fun!


I talk about

  • how I get ideas for books

  • the importance of reading

  • the importance of revising (and revising!)

I show

  • how a book is made - rough draft to bound copy

  • my 220 rejections before getting published

  • proofs of forthcoming books

  • a large print sheet (impressive!)

  • where I live and home office where I write

  • the hundreds of children's books I own

I often read one of my books
I give lots of writing tips! (see below)
I have a Q/A time


*During the last part of each session, I give lots(!) of concrete tips to students about… 

How to make your writing 'sparkle'

This part of the program especially earns terrific feedback from teachers!!


For the youngest ones (PreK-K)…

PUPPETS AND MUSIC AND SHAPES, OH MY!  (30-40 minute presentation)

Students participate with puppets as I read Barnyard Song. Ten large shapes and a guessing game are used with When a Line Bends…A Shape Begins.  African instruments are used with Jamboree Day.  And, if time allows - Push! Dig! Scoop! is read/sung from large powerpoint slides.  Get ready for fun, oh my!


The basics:

It's always a great visit when students are prepared. A few weeks ahead, get them acquainted with me (website) and my books. 

  • I like a full 50 minutes for presentations. (30-40 min. for PreK-K)

  • Discretion is used at public schools regarding my religious titles.

  • All presentations are very age-appropriate.

  • Maximum of 3 presentations a day; 2 for half-day.

  • I'm comfortable presenting to all group sizes.

  • A simple contract is sent and also a list of things needed the day of the visit.

  • No deposit is required.

  • A book order form is available.

  • I'm happy to sign books students have ordered.

  • Standard government mileage rate is charged when driving.

  • Lodging is needed the night before if more than an hour drive from my house.

  • Out-of-state schools can share travel/lodging expenses if I'm booked at more than one school in the district.

  • Fees: My fees are very reasonable. Please inquire regarding them.

If you have questions, or would like more information regarding my presentations, just email
For tips on hosting an author visit, see the School Visit Author/Illustrator Wish List.


Besides school visits, I also…

  1. speak at Family Reading Night programs,

  2. do library programs,

  3. speak to adult groups - reading, library, writing conferences; and keynotes.
    See Other Presentations for more info


What they're saying…


"We had Rhonda Gowler Greene speak to our kids today as part of our annual Young Authors' Conference. She was AMAZING! She really held the interest of our students. Our teachers were thrilled and took away much to tie into their writing curriculum. We highly recommend this author!" - Catherine Trinkle, media specialist Avon, IN

"Her visit was fantastic. The reflection from the teachers is that she was the best (speaker/ author) they've had, and she was able to capture the attention and respect of all age groups." - Gaylord Herald Times Lisa King, Literacy Coach

"After talking to many of the teachers, they have had rave reviews of your presentations. Their students really took a lot away from your talks!" - Florence KY media specialist

"Thanks again for the wonderful presentations. I have heard many great comments from staff and students!" 
Wyoming MI teacher

"I just wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed your presentations and enthusiasm for writing and reading. The middle school teachers couldn't believe how much their students actually heard during the assembly. They remembered a lot about good writing the next day! And the 3rd through 6th grade teachers LOVED your presentation!" - Ubly MI teacher

"The students are still talking about your visit. You made a very nice impression on them!" - West Bloomfield MI teacher

"I've heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone here." - Florence KY media specialist

"What an inspiration you were to our students!" - Traverse City MI teacher

"Your Family Reading Night program was just delightful!" - Apple Creek OH principal


What they're saying ABOUT sparkle writing...


"Thank you so much for coming to our school and doing such an awesome job!! The teachers were so happy with the presentations, especially using 'sparkle' words. They are using that same word now because of the impact you made on the students." - Sterling Heights MI principal

"My students and teachers are abuzz (sparkle word) about your visit. We loved it!!" - Carmel IN media specialist

"Several teachers caught me after school to express their appreciation for your presentations. They can't wait to work with their students on adding 'sparkle' to their writing!" - Grandville MI media specialist