ZonderKidz ISBN 978-0-310-73217-4 (hardcover) ebook edition

ISBN 978-0-310-73217-4 (hardcover)
ebook edition

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Noah and the Mighty Ark

Illustrated by Margaret Spengler

The familiar Old Testament story of Noah and the ark is retold in warm and playful rhyme. The animals creep, crawl, hop, fly, stomp, tromp, and slither - two by two - into that mighty ark.

he called the creatures
two by two— 
the elephant and kangaroo,

the crocodile, 
the chimpanzee, 
the busy buzzing bumblebee…

While up above
that giant ark, 
the sky was growing
very dark…


“…littlest readers will find here a fun introduction to the basic premise of Noah’s steadfast faith.”
Publishers Weekly

“…This rhymed version scans well, which encourages reading aloud…”
School Library Journal

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