Bloomsbury ISBN 0-8027-9728-5 (hardcover)

ISBN 0-8027-9728-5 (hardcover)

Daddy is a Cozy Hug

Illustrated by Maggie Smith

Using metaphors, a little boy tells his daddy how special he is through all the seasons of the year. (A card is included in the book to give a daddy.)

Daddy is my pillow
where I rest my sleepy head. 
When camping far beneath the stars, 
he's better than a bed.

Daddy is a fish with fins
when summer heats the air.

We splish and splash in crashing waves--
a wiggling, wriggling pair.


“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy. Here, Greene shows a man spending time with his son through all four seasons. They camp, rake leaves, walk in the snow, and fly kites. Although the months are not named, there is a spread for each one…the poetry flows naturally…Both the text and illustrations give a sense of cheerfulness and warmth…”
School Library Journal

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