Firebears The Rescue Team board book

Christy Ottaviano Books/Holt
ISBN 978-1-62779-240-0 (board book)

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Firebears The Rescue Team board book
Firebears The Rescue Team board book

Illustrated by Dan Andreasen

A warm and fast-paced story little ones will want read over and over again about the hard-working firebears at Fire Station Number Eight.

Through the hole.
Hurry, slip-slide down the pole!

Racing, rushing
To the scene—
Firebears, the rescue team!

“…Greene has written an exciting and charming ode to all firefighting heroes, whatever their species, aimed at the young cubs who will love the excitement.”

“‘Firebears/Work and wait/At Fire Station Number Eight,’ home to quite possibly the world’s cutest public servants…concise rhymes bristle with just enough declarative urgency for the preschool set…A child can really snuggle up to these role models.”
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